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Winter Skin Savior Gift Set ($73 Value) - THANN USA

Winter Skin Savior Gift Set ($73 Value)


To battle the lack of humidity in the air that is causing the dehydrated, dull skin, our Hydrating Emulsion and Face Mist are your skin savior.

Included in this gift box are full sizes of:

Hydrating Emulsion 100 g.

The lightweight and non-greasy formula emulsion quickly absorbed into your skin, leaving your skin dewy and soft. The emulsion provides deep nourishment and restores hydration back to your skin while smooths out fine lines for a nourished, smoother-appearing complexion.

The emulsion can be used as an extra moisturizing layer to lock the moisture on your skin and keep it extra nourished from cold, dry weather. THANN hydrating emulsion can also be applied as an overnight mask. 

Tahitian Lagoon and Alps Mineral Face Mist 60 ml

With Organic Lavender Water, Nano Shiso Extract, and Green Tea Extract to instantly rehydrate your skin. Our mineral water face mist combines the benefits from the essential rich mineral waters from the heart of the French Alps and crystal clear lagoon from Tahiti Island to instantly replenishes moisture and skin hydration.

Dermatologically tested • Mineral oil free • Paraben free • No artificial color

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