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Bryony Electric Aroma Diffuser - THANN USA

Bryony Electric Aroma Diffuser


Tastefully creates serene home atmosphere by dispersing a relaxing aroma through 2.5 million ultrasonic vibrations per second operation while maintaining the unique benefits of the essential oil. With the highest safety features, the diffuser comprises automatic shut-off protection when the water runs out. Hence, it is extremely safe, kids friendly and suitable for any areas. It can be operated in two different modes: 3-hour continuous working and intermittent cycle (1 minute on with 30 seconds off) up to 7 hours.
Size: 86*86*179 mm.
Weight: 520 g.
Outer material: Porcelain                          
Power Input: AC100-240V
*Please note that Electric Aroma Diffuser does not fit in our Gift Box. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 

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