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Astringent Toner

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With Nano Shiso, Algae and Artichoke Extracts 

THANN Astringent Toner helps balance and nourish the complexion, refines and tightens pores while soothes and even out skin tone.

This toner is alcohol free and suitable for all skin types.

Key Ingredients:

- Green Tea Extract soothes and purifies the skin.

- Witch Hazel Extract, a natural astringent, helps remove bacteria, reduces pores and soothes your skin.

- Nano Shiso Extract, powerful antioxidant helps revive dull looking skin, nourish the skin, and smooth out skin texture while protecting the skin from free radical and prevent signs of aging.

- Algae Extract, a protein and mineral rich ingredient helps enhances the skin suppleness.

- Artichoke Extract is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, helps reduces pore size, strengthening skin condition by reinforcing cells from the inside, and prevents wrinkles.

- Yeast Extract helps strengthen skin structure and reduces skin redness.

- Rose Water provides a mild astringent effect that able to smoothen skin. Its relaxing odor also soothes mind while using.

Dermatologically Tested  • Paraben free • Alcohol free • Sulfate free • Mineral oil free • Silicone free • No Artificial Color

Size: 135 ml