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Revitalizing Face Mask (Set of 4)

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with Grape Fruit, Mulberry Root, and Nano Shiso Extracts

THANN Nano Shiso Revitalizing Face Mask, is a concentrated treatment "modeling/rubber mask" that instantly restores skin suppleness, and revives dull skin for a smooth, naturally radiant, and healthy-looking appearance in a single application. 

Mix in our Revitalizing Essence and Revitalizing Complex to create a modeling pack. Revitalizing Essence with Nano Shiso extract and Trehalose is specially formulated to replenish skin moisture and elasticity. Revitalizing Complex with Grape and Mulberry extracts improves skin radiance and reduce the number of visible spots.

A thick layer locks in moisture and all the nutrients to be absorbed into your skin. High in antioxidants and enriched with vitamins from Grape, Mulberry Root, and Nano Shiso extracts, this mask provides hydration, reduces signs of aging, revitalize, and soothes your skin. Each session will leave you with the appearance of hydrated, firmer, silky smooth, and younger-looking skin.

Dermatologically tested ∙ Paraben free ∙ Sulfate free ∙ Alcohol-free ∙ Silicone free ∙ Mineral oil free 

Key Ingredients:

- Shiso Leaf Extract contains potent antioxidants that help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle, hydrates and soothe skin.

- Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract is known for its brightening and pore-tightening effects.

- Grape Fruit Extract has anti-aging and anti-puffiness properties. Rich in nutrients, it helps hydrate and replenish the skin and offers protective properties against pollution.

- Mulberry Root Extract brightens skin and helps reduce pigmentation from aging and exposure to UV light. 

Efficacy Test:

100.0% of volunteers' presented an improvement of the skin luminosity* 
72.7% of volunteers' show an increase in skin brightness*
68.2% of volunteers' show an increase in skin elasticity*

*Sensory evaluation (C.L.B.T) tested result in 22 volunteers after two times a week use on the whole face over 28 days by Spincontrol Asia Co., Ltd (France). 

How to use: 

Pour the Revitalizing Essence and Revitalizing Complex Powder into the mixing bowl and use the spatula to quickly mix the two together until it becomes a thick mask paste. Apply a thick and even layer of the paste onto clean, dry skin. Make sure the. Make sure to apply a thicker layer at the edges of your face, this makes the peel-off step easier. Leave on your skin for approximately 15 minutes until the mask becomes a rubbery solid. Gently peel off the mask and rinse off any residue. Follow with your regular skincare routine.