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Tahitian Lagoon and Alps Mineral Water Face Mist

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with Organic Lavender Water, Nano Shiso and Green Tea Extracts

THANN mineral water face mist combines the benefits from the essential rich mineral waters from the heart of the French Alps and crystal clear lagoon from Tahiti Island to instantly replenishes moisture and skin hydration.

These pure waters contain various skin beneficial minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfate, Chloride, Sodium, Zinc and Potassium to help strengthen and repair damaged skin cell. The skin nutrient-rich formula freshens up skin from dullness while balances the skin pH and restore nourishment to the skin. 

Dermatologically tested ∙ Paraben Free ∙ Sulfate Free ∙ Alcohol Free ∙ Silicone Free

Key Ingredients:

Organic Lavender Water soothes the skin with skin irritation prevention property. 

Nano Shiso Extract provides the benefits of skin hydration and antioxidant that protect dry and sensitive skin from harmful pollutants and free radicals. 

Green Tea Extract helps protect the skin from environmental damage while revives dull skin. 

Size: 60 ml / 2.03 fl.oz.